Nestled in the hills of northwest Arkansas is the Dobson Lodge, my daughter and son-in-law’s home for visitors and large get togethers. They actually live in a Tiny Home across the road. We arrived around 7:00 pm and were treated to a yummy dinner of lasagna, salad and garlic bread. My sister and I moved into our rooms, she took the master suite and I took the memory music room where my painting and photos hang. As a special surprise that evening, my granddaughter serenaded us with her guitar. She’s been taking lessons from her


great-grandfather for a little of a year. She played songs she had learned such as, Riders in The Sky, Crazy, and Snow Bird. My sister accompanied. It was a wonderful evening.

The next day my daughter had to work so we went with my son-in-law and granddaughter to her guitar lesson with her great-grandfather. She is also getting lessons on the banjo! We were there for a couple hours, for some great music and fun. Great grandpa has taught a lot of musicians who plan at Branson, MO  and other places.  He plays the banjo.

For lunch we went to  the War Eagle Mill and ate at the Bean Palace, which is on the third floor. Yum! We did a little shopping in the gift shop then off to the post office and finally to Sunrise Guitars in Fayetteville. My sister liked my granddaughters 3/4 size guitar so much she bought one for herself.


Strummin together in the backyard just like Two Peas in a Pod! They had a great time sharing songs. For dinner that night we met my daughter and son-in-laws mother at the East Side Grill for dinner. It is known for its great steaks, however I had the salmon my favorite.



The Next day my daughter took us to Eureka Springs. Our first stop was at the Quigley Castle, the Ozark’s Strangest Dwelling! You can see the individual squares that Elise Quigley created for the exterior of the house. She also created a multitude of items, bird baths, a mailbox, fences, tables. and other sculptures for the grounds. The home is on the National Register of Historic Places and it’s been featured on HGTV. It really is worth the visit.



Our second stop was the Onyx Cave. My daughter and her family love caves and Arkansas has a multitude of caves you can visit. Then it was lunch time so we drove to downtown Eureka Springs. We ate outside on the patio of the Beer Garden, where Toby could join us. The waiter even brought him a large bowl of water. After delicious BBQ and nachos we perused many of the gift shops.



Ceci was glad to be with Toby again. They became best friends last year on our Bucket List Road Trip. Eureka Springs had a parade that day and music in the park, so we got ice cream and sat in the shade for a little while between shopping. Since the town is on the edge of the Ozarks there are several levels, below is one of the stairs connecting the streets, a great spot for a photo. Eureka Springs is also the sight for several motorcycle events and there were a lot in town that day.


That evening we had grilled chicken, garlic roasted potatoes, corn and salad at the lodge. There was a little more guitar playing and a movie, Total Recall. It had been a long day so we were in bed by 11.

Sunday my sister and I enjoyed the front porch of the lodge, drinking our coffee and reading, while trying to figure out the different birds serenading us. Around 11:30 we met my daughter at her church on our way to pick up her friend for out visit to Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.

Crystal Bridges architecture and grounds are just as beautiful and fascinating as all the art work inside.



Crystal Bridges is a series of buildings with the armadillo looking roofs that were built over Town Branch Creek. This was my second visit, I love the huge spider sculpture in the courtyard.  The large white spherical sculpture (above) is in the process of being installed.



Mary Cassatt and Louise Nevelson (above) are a couple of my favorite artists. I love going to museums in different cities because you can count on the restaurants or cafes having the best food. The menu may be small but trust me the food is always wonderful. We ended up eating a late lunch at 2:00. I had the Chef’s Choice Quiche and glass of white wine. Afterwards we finished walking through the museum and took my daughter’s friend back to her car. It was a wonderful afternoon. That evening we went to see King Arthur. It’s great action filled movie, but if you’re an Arthurian aficionado the director, Guy Richie, messed with the legend’s chronological order of Mordred. The movie is based on legends about the sword, Excalibur, and its effect on Arthur when he puts both hands on the hilt that part I thought was very good.

The next day was Memorial Day and my sister and I were heading to the Kansas City area to spend one short night with my oldest son and his family before heading back home via a few more Route 66 stops. Before leaving we had a wonderful breakfast together, packed the car and then the hugging began.



We headed north on US 49 that goes all the way to Kansas City. However, at Joplin, MO I goofed and took the by-pass that isn’t finished yet! We ended up in downtown Joplin so we headed west on 166 and picked up US 69 north in Baxter Springs, Kansas. It was meant to be because 166 is part of Route 66! I actually liked this way better because there was a lot less traffic and it’s a prettier drive through small towns, it’s a two-way highway until you get to Fort Scott, Kansas.

We arrived at my son and daughter-in-law’s home in Spring Hill, Kansas around 2:00 to a patio party with some of their friends. We had a super Memorial Day dinner of grilled hamburgers & hot dogs, potato salad, and yummy grilled Mexican corn.

IMG_0904I gave my daughter-in-law her birthday gift I’d bought at War Eagle Mill. We chatted and watched the guys play a few games of horseshoes. As you can see, Toby felt right at home with Mia, their big golden lab. They also have a beautiful golden retriever, Gunner and three cats, Bummer, Rocky, and Sterling.

My grandson arrived while we were eating, he just finished his associated degree and is going on the Engineering school in the fall. The older grandson just graduated from KU and is going on to nursing school in the fall. He was on a trip to Costa Rica. It was a very relaxing day and evening, but a very short visit.

The next morning my sister and I got back on the road for some more Route 66 fun on our way home.